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Exotic Car Research

Owning an exotic automobile is often like owning a work of art. Each car has its own history, both from the individual cars perspective and from the perspective of that specific car model. Understanding these cars and the particularities concerning them can take years of experience. Fortunately there are authoritative resources that can help in researching and understanding these cars.

Listed below are resources that we highly recommend if you desire to further educate yourself concerning these automobiles. All are authoritative and relevant to the subject they cover.

  1. Cavallino magazine: Cavallino magazine is all about Ferraris, especially focusing on their early history. It provides a wealth of information. In addition, its one of the highest quality magazines in the world. Visit their website at Cavallino Magazine
  2. Forza magazine: Another publication that is only about Ferrari automobiles. Forza magazine focuses more on modern Ferraris. Visit their website at Forza Magazine
  3. Ferrari Market Letter: The Ferrari Market Letter is a great source of information on Ferraris. Visit their website at Ferrari Market Lettter
  4. Sports Car Market website: This website provides a vast array of information concerning collecting, valuing, and trends in the collector car market. Visit their website at Sports Car Market
  5. Book – Complete Ferrari by Geoffrey Eaton
  6. Book – The Ferrari by Gianni Rogliatti
  7. Book – Ferrari 308-328 Mondial by Wallace A. Wyss
  8. Book – Original Ferrari V-8 by Keith Bluemel
  9. Book – Ferrari Sport and Prototype Competition Cars by Antoine Prunet
  10. Book – Ferrari 250 GT Competition Cars by Jess G Pourret
  11. Book – Illustrated Ferrari Buyers Guide by Dean Batchelor