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Exotic Car Locating Services

If you did not find the Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini or other exotic automobile you are looking to purchase in our inventory, we offer a fee based exotic car locating service were we'll find it for you. Through our large number of clients and vast resources, we can often find exotic automobiles that other firms can't locate. Over the years we've been able to successfully unite many of our clients with the exotic car they've always dreamed of owning.

Some of the benefits you'll receive by using our automobile locating service include:

  • You'll save your time. We'll do the leg work of locating and making sure the car meets your criteria.
  • You can maintain your privacy.
  • You'll have access to our knowledge and experience concerning these unique cars.
  • We'll search through our large client base of collectors and enthusiasts. Often we have clients who are considering selling their car and want to find a good home for their beloved exotic.
  • We can provide pre-purchase inspection, arrangement of transportation of the car to your location, and assistance in securing financing if desired.
  • As a licensed and registered automobile dealer, we'll complete the paperwork so you can avoid any DMV problems.

We do all this for a reasonable fee. Many of our clients have told us that using our exotic car locating service saved them time and money. To enjoy the benefits of using our exotic car locating service please contact us so we can understand what you desire in the exotic automobile you are searching for.